Our quality takes shape through people who command their trade: our specialists! All specialists of EWS Group have compulsory professional qualifications and are updated about all applicable legislation. Our specialists also keep their knowledge up-to-date through regular training, courses and continued training. This guarantees a professional method of working and a focus on the safety of people and planet.

EWS Group possesses the following certificates:


EWS Belgium is a member of the branch association BePMA (Belgian Pest Management Association) which is a member of CEPA (Confederation of European Management Association). These branch associations aim for increasing the quality and the further professionalisation of the pest control trade.

As a part of Fumigation, we are in the Gafta Approved Register of Fumigators. Also, several of our employees are certified to carry out gas free measurements on SOLAS-tankers. Besides that, EWS Belgium is a part of the International Maritime Fumigation Organization (IMFO). This is an international group of independant companies that aims for worldwide standards for in-transit fumigation of stored product insects in all life-stages.

Furthermore, EWS Group has signed the Mission for the Protection of the Employees, which means that we are allowed to work for the government.

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