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Fauna management

Effective solutions for your bird problem

Protect your business property, fleet, and the health of your employees

Bird Infestation

Birds have traditionally been unwelcome guests in gardens, orchards, and farmland. They eat cultivated fruits and freshly sown seeds. Nowadays, bird infestations are particularly problematic in urban areas. Think of nesting seagulls soiling cars and buildings, or large numbers of feral pigeons on streets and squares.

Often, they are fed by people, which not only attracts more birds but also various other unwanted animals. When birds operate in large groups, they also cause noise and odor problems. They can also transmit disease-causing agents to humans, posing a health risk.

EWS Group, your business partner in wildlife management.

Bird Spikes

Our bird spikes are made of UV-resistant polycarbonate and available in various lengths. The spikes effectively deter birds from buildings.

Elect. Deterrent

Electronic bird deterrent is a wire system. It is nearly invisible and highly effective in keeping birds at a distance. It gives birds a small shock when into contact

Wire System

A wire system, using thin nylon wires, is virtually invisible, preventing birds from landing. The system offers a flexible and permanent solution.

Bird Netting

For larger objects, bird nets are the most commonly used method for bird infestations. We have options for various sizes and are suitable for sheltered areas.

Laser System

As a modular design, a laser system adapts to your specific needs and offers versatile placement options, whether it's on roofs, open spaces, or seating areas.


The Flock Off system is a humane solution to prevent birds from landing. When birds fly nearby, Flock Off disrupts a key protein they use for navigation.

More Information

Do you have questions or want more information about one or more of our solutions? Our advisors are ready to assist you. You can call or contact us through the form.


Every situation requires a different solution

Our wildlife specialist is happy to visit your location for a no-obligation and suitable advice. With our years of experience, there's nothing we haven't encountered in bird control. We're also eager to effectively address your bird infestation!!

So, whether you're looking for a permanent solution to your bird problem, an invisible one, a solution that can be placed at great heights, or one that offers flexibility, our solutions are always animal-friendly. We'd be delighted to provide a free inspection at your location!

How can we assist you?

We believe that conducting business in a responsible manner has a positive impact on society. As a service company in the field of bird control and pest management, we do everything in our power to fully protect your business or living environment against mice, rats, crawling and flying insects, wood-damaging pests, and birds!

All our service personnel are experienced professionals, trained and service-oriented, and comply with all the legal requirements set by the pest control industry. Protect your business or residence against birds as well! For quality, turn to EWS Fauna Management.


EWS Fauna Management specializes in solving bird and wildlife problems. These animals don't typically fall under the typical pest control services, but they can still cause severe damage or nuisances. Proper fauna management minimizes and prevents damage to wildlife while simultaneously addressing customer issues.

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