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Spices and herbs fumigation

Spices and herbs are organic raw materials. The difference between the two is often not entirely clear. Herbs generally refer to condiments that originate from smaller, green plants. They grow in moderate climates and are mostly used for their leafs and stems. Spices often refers to flavourings originating from tropical climates. These plants are often not only used for their leafs and stems, but also for their flower buds, stamens, seeds, fruits, bark and roots.

EWS can fumigate spices and fumigate herbs in bulk, bags, big bags, silos, barges and containers. Fumigation leads to eliminating all stock destroying species in all their life stages. Fumigating spices and herbs is done with phosphine (PH3) or with a low oxygen treatment. For other treatment methods, please read more at EWS Bio treatment.

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