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We recently extended our department wood preservation with fungus clean-up. Fungi and wood harming moulds can cause a lot of damage. Both financially and materially. That is why it is important to tackle and prevent this problem. Besides fungus clean-up we offer wood impregnation, hot air treatment, fumigation and polymer chemical formwork restoration. In doing this, we use the newest techniques.

EWS is going to carry out some nice orders soon, regarding wood preservation and fungus clean-up. Among other things, we are going to treat a wooden roof framework of a farm in Groningen against woodworm. We are going to do this by impregnating with a woodworm killing substance.

We will also do a fungus clean-up in to buildings in Amsterdam. We are going to replace a floor that is infested by fungi and we are going to impregnate a wooden roof to prevent fungi.

Also we will start a project in Haarlem. The floors will be replaced by renovation floors. First we are going to inspect and advice in relation to impairment due to fungi and woodworm. And lastly, we will tackle fungi in Den Haag!

Some nice orders are on their way. Do you also have problems with moist, fungi or mould in wood? Or are you dealing with wood harming insects? Do not hesitate to contact us. Would you like to have more information? Go to: EWS fungus clean-up.