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EWS Pest control

The residential enjoyment of your tenants is vital as a letter or owner-occupiers’ association! Nuisance caused by rodents or other vermin such as wasps, grey silverfish and moth-like flies leads to dissatisfied tenants and worsens residential enjoyment. In addition, rodents and wood-harming insects can undermine the construction and foundations of buildings or houses and cause major damage. Through continuous monitoring, preventive measures, immediate control and advising tenants and owners on IPM, possible future problems can be prevented.

EWS Pest Control acts as a partner of the lessor and maintains contact with the lessee and lessor. In addition, all results and findings of a visit are registered and can be consulted via EWS Online 24/7. This way, EWS Pest Control forms a link between lessor and lessee.

You can also turn to the EWS Group for bird control. More information can be found under EWS Fauna Management.

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