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Sleepless nights because of buzzing mosquitoes that love to drink your blood, are not uncommon in the Dutch summers. The result: itchy mosquito bites that can cause nasty skin irritations and sometimes even diseases. Mosquitoes are active during the times you would like to sleep: at night. The females are attracted by the perspiration on your skin and sting. Ammonia at the place of the sting reduces pain and itchiness. The males will not bother you, they mainly feed on plant juices.

Mosquitoes are the most common pest in your house from the early spring to late fall. The mosquito larvae develop in shallow and stagnant water. They multiply at lightning speed and are mainly during the summer a huge plague for everyone. The fertilized females overwinter in basements and in other shielded, moist places.

In all places where what remains longer than a week, mosquitoes can develop. Make sure these places are dry, including buckets, flower pots, gutters etc. Repair leakage. Keep windows and doors closed at night or fit them with insect screens. In ponds, use fish as the natural enemy. During the day, properly ventilate the rooms. Rub bare skin with mosquito repellent.